NCEA and UE Credit Calculator

It's a great idea to look for the subjects you want to take next year in the MAC Wiki (Linked Here) before deciding.

Please remember that while this Credit Calculator is useful, it is YOUR responsibility to check your credits/requirements

Some subjects offer optional Assessment Standards that will increase these values.
The numbers offered here are considered the minimum credits offered for the options curated by MAC Teaching Staff.
Please discuss these with your Deans or Heads of Learning Areas (HOLAs) if you're worried!

NCEA & UE Requirements

Not MetNCEA Numeracy0 / 10
Not MetNCEA Literacy0 / 10
Not MetLevel 10 / 80
Not MetLevel 20 / 80
Not MetLevel 30 / 80
Not MetUE Reading0 / 5
Not MetUE Writing0 / 5
Not MetUE Credits & Subjects0 / 42

A Green Tick means you are at least 20% above the minimum requirement.
An Orange Squiggle means you meet the requirements, but not comfortably.
A Red Cross means with the Subjects selected, without electing more Assessment Standards, you won't meet the requirement.

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